How To Donate

Credit Card Donations

Cash Donations

In-Kind Donations

With your generous support The Athlone School for the Blind will continue to provide specialized education, residential care and support for blind, visually impaired and multiply disabled children. Please consider making a secure on-going contribution or a once-off donation.

Donate via Electronic Transfer or Direct Deposit

Please consider a once-off or a Monthly Debit through your bank.

The Athlone School for the Blind Association
Account Number:
905 4257248
Branch Code: 632005

Mail a cheque to The Athlone School for the Blind Association:

The Athlone School for the Blind Association
PO Box 305
Kasselsvlei 7533
Cape Town
South Africa

Please email or fax your deposit slip to + 27 21 9517816 or e-mail to so that we can record your payment and make sure that it is correctly allocated.

Sponsor a Child


The education care and nurturance of our children is of the utmost importance. The cost of specialised education, the resources required and support services are expensive.

Your sponsorship can make a world of difference in the life of a blind or multiply disabled child. It will ensure that a child receives specialized education, residential and medical care, 3 meals a day, a school uniform and shoes. Your contribution will guarantee a child an equal chance towards a brighter future. This is all our children ask for a chance equal to that of the able-bodied child, so that they may have the chance to grow up with dignity and a sense of self worth.

R14 per day is the equivalent of 1.50 USD and equates to R5000 / 625 USD per year which covers the following costs for one child for one full year:
  • School fees & stationery
  • Hostel fees
  • School uniform & school shoes
  • 3 meals per day
  • Medical care